IODP FORUM and Program management office (PMO) meetings

      1. Dr. Dhananjai K. Pandey, participated in the IODP-virtual expedition guideline formulation meeting on 21 March 2023 with global IODP member country representatives.

       2. Dr. Dhananjai K. Pandey and Dr. Nisha Nair attended a bilateral meeting between Australia and New Zealand IODP Office (ANZIC) and IODP-India on 24 March 2023 to discuss a possible way forward for future course of the IODP consortium beyond 2024.


       3.  Dr. Thena T., (a representative from IODP-India) on the IODP-International working group on science communication has been attending the monthly working group meetings. 

      4. Dr. Nisha Nair and Mr. Lachit Singh have attended a Joint Workshop between MoES and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) organized by MoES on 10th to 11th January 2023 in Delhi. During the workshop, discussions were made on solid Earth hazards and mitigation of the related risks.

       5.  Dr. Amit Kumar participated with the NCPOR outreach team to attend the India International Science Festival-2022 at Bhopal (21st and 24th January 2023)

 6. Dr. LachitNingthoujam has attended a workshop on "HPC in Seismic Imaging" organized by CDAC (Centre for Development of Advance Computing), Pune on 28th April 2023.


                     Second from right- Dr. Ningthoujam Lachit Singh

IODP-India Outreach program

An outreach of the Indian IODP program was organized on the overview and activities of the Indian IODP Program at IIT Bombay on 19 March 2023 during the 4th National level student technical symposium, Protolith'23 (17-19 March 2023). This symposium was attended by ~250 participants including geoscience students and young researchers from all over India. Dr. Nisha Nair, Mr. Rahul Yadav and Ms. Roshni K.S. participated in this Symposium and presented their research experiences with IODP program to the student community.