Visit of high level delegation from Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Japan

A high level scientific delegation from Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology (JAMSTEC), Japan led by Dr. Hitoshi Hotta, Executive Director visited NCAOR Goa on 16th January, 2014. The primary aim of this visit was to strengthen collaborative research programs of mutual scientific interests to both countries. 


1stPre-cruise Workshop for Indian Scientists for IODP Expedition-355 

In order to plan participation from India in the IODP Expedition-355 for scientific drilling in the Arabian Sea, a pre-cruise workshop involving potential Indian participants was organized at atMoES, New Delhi on 18th March 2014. The objective was to discuss the scientific aspects of the Expedition-355. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary MoES, New Delhi.  About 20 leading geo-scientists from various institutes such as NCAOR, PRL, BSIP, NGRI, NIO, Delhi University and Calcutta University participated in the meeting. Scientific and logistics requirements pertaining to the expedition was discussed and subsequently an open call for participation from Indian scientists and researchers in IODP Expedition-355 was issued through a national advertisement.

2nd Pre-cruise Workshop for Indian Scientists for IODP Expedition-355 

Subsequent to the call for proposals from Indian scientists, the 2nd pre-cruise meeting to finalize the Indian participants for the IODP Expedition-355 was held at NCAOR on 16th June 2014. The meeting was chaired by the Secretary, MoES. The Indian team of 11 scientists was finalized after detailed deliberations made by all Indian proponents.  One of the two Co-chiefs for the expedition was chosen from NCAOR, India. Besides Indian scientists, there were around 20 scientists from other member countries.

 Photo: 2nd Pre Cruise Meeting

2 D Marine Seismic Data Acquisition in the IODP Drilling Block (23rd Sept-20th Oct 2014) 

2D multi-channel seismic survey was carried out in Arabian sea on-board chartered vessel Geo-Hindsagar. The main objectives of the survey were: 

- Acquisition of deep penetration 2D multichannel seismic reflection data with precise positioning and echo sounding, 

- Preliminary onboard data processing and post processing of data.

- Precise identification and depth determination of the sediment/basement interface as well as obtaining information on the type and nature of the crust(continental, oceanic or transitional) constituting the basement. 

The multichannel seismic data was acquired onboard chartered vessel R/V Geo Hindsagar from 23rd Sept 2014 to 20th October 2014.  The total of 1546 line km seismic data along 5 seismic lines was acquired from the proposed drilling site area.

 Deployment of Gun array for Seismic 

Core Sample strategy/planning Meeting of Indian - IODP Participants 

A meeting of Indian IODP 355 participants was organised at NCAOR, Goa on 7th November 2014. A total of 12 participants took part in the meeting to discuss the various aspects of sediment sampling. The post-cruise sampling approach was discussed and finalized and accordingly all members submitted their sampling request to IODP.