Expedition Updates

Antarctic Expedition

  • For the 42-ISEA, 41 members reported at NCPOR in two different batches on 5 & 22 November 2022. After the briefing sessions and firefighting training at Goa, 35 members commenced their onward journey to Antarctica via Cape Town. As per Covid protocol, members underwent 5-days quarantine at Cape Town.


  • De-induction of the winterover members started with the DROMLAN flights. Four members returned to India in two different batches on 16 and 29 November 2022.


  • For the annual supply of about 600 Jet A1 barrels and Lube to Maitri and Bharati stations, a tender was floated on 14 November 2022, and the purchase order issued on M/s ALCI, Cape Town. The tender for the ship bunker was floated on 21 November 2022.


  • The last lot of cargo containing food and provisions for Antarctic stations was mobilized from NCPOR on 14 November 2022, which sailed from the shipping liner from the port of Mumbai on 25 November 2022.


  •  Work for revamping of NCPOR-Maitri link was started at Goa station by ECIL, Hyderabad.


  • 42nd – Indian Scientific Expedition to Antarctica has been formally launched from Goa on 22 October 2022. The batch comprising 30 members reported at NCPOR, underwent firefighting training and attended briefing lectures by Antarctic veterans and external experts during 15-22 October 2021. The team along with Shri Pranjal Saikia – Leader for Bharati station reached Cape Town, South Africa, and started 05 days of mandatory quarantine as per COMNAP/DROMLAN guidelines.


  •  Second lot of the expedition cargo including institutional scientific equipment and station spares in 02 freight containers was dispatched from NCPOR on 15 October 2022 and sailed from the port of Mumbai on 22 October 2022.


  • Purchase requisitions for various crucial items for Antarctica were raised and segregation of cargo received in the month, their packing, and preparation of containers were undertaken.